Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
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vsm Directory Reference


file  action.h [code]
 Generic action.
file  actions.h [code]
 Convenience include file for all VSM task actions.
file  adsb_vehicle.h [code]
file  android_serial_processor.h [code]
file  callback.h [code]
 Generic callback which can be used to define and create an instance of an abstract callable operation with arbitrary arguments.
file  camera_control_action.h [code]
file  camera_series_by_distance_action.h [code]
file  camera_series_by_time_action.h [code]
file  camera_trigger_action.h [code]
file  change_speed_action.h [code]
 Change airspeed action.
file  coordinates.h [code]
 Coordinates manipulation.
file  crc32.h [code]
file  cucs_processor.h [code]
 UCS processor manages communications with UCS server and registered vehicles.
file  debug.h [code]
 Debugging and troubleshooting helpers.
file  defs.h [code]
 Common preprocessor definitions.
file  device.h [code]
file  endian.h [code]
 VSM definitions to work with byte order.
file  enum_set.h [code]
file  exception.h [code]
 VSM exceptions definition.
file  file_processor.h [code]
 Processor for handling file I/O.
file  heading_action.h [code]
file  http_parser.h [code]
file  io_buffer.h [code]
 Io_buffer class implementation.
file  io_request.h [code]
 I/O request declaration.
file  io_stream.h [code]
 Abstract stream for I/O operations.
file  java.h [code]
file  landing_action.h [code]
 Landing action definition.
file  log.h [code]
 Logging functionality for VSM.
file  math.h [code]
file  move_action.h [code]
 General navigation action definition.
file  operation_waiter.h [code]
 Operation waiter class.
file  panorama_action.h [code]
file  param_setter.h [code]
 Parameters setter.
file  payload_steering_action.h [code]
 Payload steering action definition.
file  piped_request_waiter.h [code]
file  poi_action.h [code]
file  properties.h [code]
 Java properties set implementation.
file  property.h [code]
file  quaternion.h [code]
file  reference_guard.h [code]
 Reference guard class definition.
file  repeat_servo_action.h [code]
file  request_container.h [code]
 Request container declaration.
file  request_context.h [code]
 Request execution context.
file  request_temp_completion_context.h [code]
file  request_worker.h [code]
 Request worker.
file  run_as_service.h [code]
 Supports Windows service creation/deletion and starting/stopping the service User needs only one function call to Run_as_service() to enable Windows service functionality.
file  serial_processor.h [code]
 Serial port I/O processor.
file  service_discovery_processor.h [code]
 Created on: May 5, 2015 Author: janis.
file  set_home_action.h [code]
file  set_servo_action.h [code]
file  shared_memory.h [code]
file  shared_mutex_file.h [code]
file  singleton.h [code]
 Singleton class definition.
file  socket_processor.h [code]
 Socket processor.
file  sockets.h [code]
file  subsystem.h [code]
file  takeoff_action.h [code]
file  task.h [code]
 Vehicle task payload definition.
file  task_attributes_action.h [code]
file  text_stream_filter.h [code]
file  timer_processor.h [code]
 Timer processor.
file  utils.h [code]
 Various common utilities.
file  vehicle.h [code]
 Vehicle interface representation.
file  vehicle_command.h [code]
 VSM vehicle command payload definition.
file  vehicle_request.h [code]
 Generic asynchronous request for a user vehicle.
file  vehicle_requests.h [code]
 Convenience types for all specific vehicle requests.
file  vsm.h [code]
 Main include file for VSM SDK.
file  vtol_transition_action.h [code]
file  wait_action.h [code]