Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
ugcs::vsm::Peripheral_device Class Reference

Base interface for a peripheral device. More...

#include <peripheral_device.h>

Public Member Functions

 Peripheral_device (Peripheral_message::PERIPHERAL_TYPE)
 Default constructor.
virtual uint16_t Get_id ()
 Returns device id.
virtual Peripheral_message::PERIPHERAL_TYPE Get_dev_type ()
 Returns device type.
virtual std::string Get_friendly_name ()
 Returns a friendly device name.
virtual std::string Get_port_name ()
 Returns a port name.

Protected Member Functions

uint16_t Get_new_id ()
 Returns next free ID.
void Remove_id ()
 Releases ID to be used by other devices.

Static Protected Member Functions

static uint16_t Get_next_free_id ()
 Returns next free ID.

Protected Attributes

uint16_t device_id
 Device identification number.
Peripheral_message::PERIPHERAL_TYPE device_type
 Device type.
std::string friendly_name
 Name information for device identification.
std::string port_name
 Port information for device identification.

Detailed Description

Base interface for a peripheral device.

Provides unique ID and device type enumeration.

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