Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
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ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb Struct Reference

Control block for I/O operation. More...

#include <poll_io_controller.h>

Inheritance diagram for ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb:

Public Types

typedef void(* Callback )(Io_cb &)
 Callback for completed operation. More...
enum  Operation { READ, WRITE }
 Operation type. More...

Public Attributes

int fd
 File descriptor. More...
Operation op
 Requested operation. More...
void * buf
 Data buffer. More...
size_t size
 Data size. More...
Io_stream::Offset offset
 File offset. More...
Callback cbk
 Callback to call when operation is completed. More...
int error
 Operation error code. More...
ssize_t return_value
 Operation return value, typically transfer size. More...

Detailed Description

Control block for I/O operation.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::Callback)(Io_cb &)

Callback for completed operation.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Member Data Documentation

void* ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::buf

Data buffer.

Callback ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::cbk

Callback to call when operation is completed.

int ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::error

Operation error code.

int ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::fd

File descriptor.

Io_stream::Offset ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::offset

File offset.

Operation ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::op

Requested operation.

ssize_t ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::return_value

Operation return value, typically transfer size.

size_t ugcs::vsm::internal::Poll_io_controller::Io_cb::size

Data size.

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