Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
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UCS-VSM Protocol overview

Table of Contents


Field name Field typeDescription
device_id uint32 Uniquely identifies the connected device. Exception is register_peer payload when this field is zero. This id is generated when Register_device message is created. It defines the context (session) for all subsequent communications with the device (in both directions).
message_id uint32 Unique message id. This will be put into response if response is required. Can be omitted if response is not required. Request message_id if this message is a response to particular request.
response_required bool Indicates that peer will wait for response on this message.
register_peer Register_peer Used to detect duplicate connections between ucs ans vsm. This must be the first message sent from ucs and VSM on new connection. In this case device_id==0 which means this message is for peer application not device. No device specific payloads can be present if device_id==0.
register_device Register_device
unregister_device Unregister_device
device_command Device_command List of commands for device
device_response device_response If this field is present then this is a response to previously sent request. If message_id is present, too then it contains the message_id from the corresponding request.
device_status Device_status Device can send this message any time it wants to report some info to ucs.