Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
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file_processor.h File Reference

Processor for handling file I/O. More...

#include <ugcs/vsm/io_request.h>
#include <ugcs/vsm/request_worker.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <thread>

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class  ugcs::vsm::File_processor
 Processor for working with filesystem I/O. More...
struct  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Not_found_exception_dummy_struct
 File not found. More...
struct  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Permission_denied_exception_dummy_struct
 Permission denied. More...
struct  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Already_exists_exception_dummy_struct
 File already exists. More...
class  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Stream
 Stream class which represents opened file. More...
class  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Stream::Mode
 Mode for file opening. More...
class  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Stream::Native_handle
 Interface for platform native file handle. More...
class  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Stream::Native_handle::Stream_ref_holder
 Helper class to hold reference to a stream and optionally release a lock before releasing the reference to a stream. More...
class  ugcs::vsm::File_processor::Native_controller
 Interface for native I/O controller which manages I/O operations for all native handles. More...


 UGCS root namespace.
 All VSM SDK functionality resides in this namespace.

Detailed Description

Processor for handling file I/O.