Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
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ugcs::vsm::Task Class Reference

Action plan for a single vehicle. More...

#include <task.h>

Public Member Functions

 Task (size_t reserved_size=0)
 Constructor. More...
Wgs84_position Get_home_position () const
 Retrieve home position from action. More...
double Get_home_position_altitude () const
 Get terrain height at home position in meters. More...
double Get_takeoff_altitude () const
 Get take-off altitude, that is the absolute altitude of the position where the vehicle was or will be launched.
void Set_takeoff_altitude (double altitude)
 Internal SDK method. More...

Public Attributes

std::vector< Action::Ptractions
 Action list of the task . More...
Task_attributes_action::Ptr attributes
 Task attributes action. More...
Property_list parameters
 Parameter list for the task . More...
Proto_msg_ptr ucs_response
bool return_native_route = false
bool use_crlf_in_native_route = false

Detailed Description

Action plan for a single vehicle.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ugcs::vsm::Task::Task ( size_t  reserved_size = 0)


reserved_sizeInitial size of the actions vector.

Member Function Documentation

Wgs84_position ugcs::vsm::Task::Get_home_position ( ) const

Retrieve home position from action.

Either get SET_HOME or the first MOVE action.

double ugcs::vsm::Task::Get_home_position_altitude ( ) const

Get terrain height at home position in meters.

void ugcs::vsm::Task::Set_takeoff_altitude ( double  altitude)

Internal SDK method.

Used to set the take-off altitude. VSM user is not supposed to use it.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<Action::Ptr> ugcs::vsm::Task::actions

Action list of the task .

Task_attributes_action::Ptr ugcs::vsm::Task::attributes

Task attributes action.

If nullptr, then vehicle defaults should be used.

Property_list ugcs::vsm::Task::parameters

Parameter list for the task .

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