Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
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ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request::Handle Class Reference

Handle of the request passed to the SDK user. More...

#include <vehicle_request.h>

Inheritance diagram for ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request::Handle:
ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request_spec< Payload >::Handle

Public Member Functions

 Handle ()
 Construct initially invalid handle. More...
 Handle (Vehicle_request::Ptr vehicle_request)
 Construct handle instance with managed vehicle request. More...
 operator bool () const
 Handle validness check. More...
void Fail (const char *format=nullptr,...)
void Fail_v (const char *format, va_list fmt_args)
void Fail (const std::string &reason)
void Succeed ()

Protected Member Functions

void Assign_result (Result result, const std::string &status_text=std::string())
 Assignment operator implementation. More...

Protected Attributes

< Vehicle_request::Ptr
 Managed vehicle request. More...

Detailed Description

Handle of the request passed to the SDK user.

Used to expose only the necessary base interface for the user and hide other methods of the main request class. Passed by value, as this is effectively only a pointer wrapper.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request::Handle::Handle ( )

Construct initially invalid handle.

ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request::Handle::Handle ( Vehicle_request::Ptr  vehicle_request)

Construct handle instance with managed vehicle request.

Called by SDK only.

Member Function Documentation

void ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request::Handle::Assign_result ( Result  result,
const std::string &  status_text = std::string() 

Assignment operator implementation.

ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request::Handle::operator bool ( ) const

Handle validness check.

Handle is considered valid if it points to some vehicle request which is not yet completed.

true if handle is valid, otherwise false.

Member Data Documentation

Reference_guard<Vehicle_request::Ptr> ugcs::vsm::Vehicle_request::Handle::vehicle_request

Managed vehicle request.

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