Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
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Adsb_vehicle Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Adsb_vehicle:

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr
< Adsb_vehicle
 Pointer type.
typedef std::weak_ptr
< Adsb_vehicle
 Pointer type.
- Public Types inherited from ugcs::vsm::Device
typedef std::shared_ptr< DevicePtr
 Pointer type.
typedef std::weak_ptr< DeviceWeak_ptr
 Pointer type.
typedef Callback_proxy< void,
std::vector< Property::Ptr > > 
typedef Callback_proxy< void,
uint32_t, Proto_msg_ptr > 
 Completion handler type of the request. More...

Public Member Functions

 Adsb_vehicle (uint32_t icao)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ugcs::vsm::Device
 Device (proto::Device_type type, Request_processor::Ptr processor=nullptr, Request_completion_context::Ptr completion_ctx=nullptr)
void Enable ()
 Enable the instance. More...
void Disable ()
 Disable the instance. More...
bool Is_enabled ()
 Vehicle enable/disable status. More...
 Device (const Device &)=delete
 Disable copying. More...
void On_ucs_message (ugcs::vsm::proto::Vsm_message message, Response_sender completion_handler=Response_sender(), ugcs::vsm::Request_completion_context::Ptr completion_ctx=nullptr)
 Command has arrived from UCS and should be executed by the vehicle.
void Register (ugcs::vsm::proto::Vsm_message &)
template<typename Type >
Property::Ptr Set_property (const std::string &name, Type value, proto::Field_semantic semantic=proto::FIELD_SEMANTIC_DEFAULT)
uint32_t Get_session_id ()
Request_completion_context::Ptr Get_completion_ctx ()
 Get default completion context of the device. More...
void Register ()
 Register device instance to UCS processor. More...
void Unregister ()
 Unregister device instance from UCS processor. More...
bool Is_registered ()
 Returns true if vehicle is registered with cucs_processor. More...
std::string Dump_command (const ugcs::vsm::proto::Device_command &)
Subsystem::Ptr Add_subsystem (proto::Subsystem_type)
Request_processor::Ptr Get_processing_ctx ()
 Get default processing context of the vehicle. More...
virtual void Handle_ucs_info (std::vector< Ucs_info >)
 Called when number of ucs connections change. More...

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename... Args>
static Ptr Create (Args &&...args)
 Create an instance. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ugcs::vsm::Device
template<typename... Args>
static Ptr Create (Args &&...args)
 Create an instance. More...
static void Set_failsafe_actions (Property::Ptr p, std::initializer_list< proto::Failsafe_action > actions)

Protected Attributes

ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_latitude = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_longitude = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_altitude_type = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_altitude_amsl = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_heading = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_ground_speed = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_vertical_speed = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_callsign = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_emitter_type = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Property::Ptr t_squawk = nullptr
ugcs::vsm::Subsystem::Ptr data_instance
- Protected Attributes inherited from ugcs::vsm::Device
const proto::Device_type device_type
Request_processor::Ptr processor
Request_completion_context::Ptr completion_ctx
< std::chrono::system_clock > 
std::vector< Subsystem::Ptrsubsystems

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ugcs::vsm::Device
virtual void On_enable ()
 Device enable event handler. More...
virtual void On_disable ()
 Device disable event handler. More...
virtual void Handle_ucs_command (Ucs_request::Ptr request)
 Message from ucs arrived called by VSM SDK in vehicle context and should be overridden by user code.
void Report_progress (Ucs_request::Ptr request, float progress=-1.0, const std::string &description=std::string())
 Sends Device_response with status code==STATUS_IN_PROGRESS with optional progress and description. More...
void Send_ucs_message (Proto_msg_ptr msg)
Vsm_command::Ptr Get_command (int id)
void Add_status_message (const std::string &m)
void Commit_to_ucs (bool log_message=false)

Member Function Documentation

template<typename... Args>
static Ptr Adsb_vehicle::Create ( Args &&...  args)

Create an instance.

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