Vehicle Specific Modules SDK
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NugcsUGCS root namespace
 NvsmAll VSM SDK functionality resides in this namespace
 NmavlinkAll MAVLink definitions reside in this namespace
 CActionGeneric action
 CAndroid_serial_processorWorking with serial ports on Android platform
 CBo_valueHelper class for byte-order-dependent value representation
 CCallbackGeneric callback
 CCallback< Method, typename std::enable_if< callback_internal::Is_method_ptr< Method >()>::type, Class_ptr, Args... >Generic callback which uses bound class method as callable
 CCallback_baseCallback which can be executed
 CCallback_forced_argsHelper class for defining custom callback creation functions which force several first arguments for the user callback
 CCallback_proxyHelper class for proxying callback invocation
 CCamera_control_actionCamera control action
 CCamera_series_by_distance_actionPerforms a series of consequent camera shots in a fixed time intervals
 CCamera_series_by_time_actionPerforms a series of consequent camera shots in a fixed time intervals
 CCamera_trigger_actionCamera trigger action
 CCartesian_tupleCoordinates tuple for cartesian CS
 CChange_speed_actionImmediate change or vehicle airspeed
 CCucs_processorHandles interactions with CUCS
 CDebug_assert_exception_dummy_structException to throw when debugging assertion fires
 CDerived_exceptionHelper class for defining derived exceptions
 CEnum_setConvenient set of enum values
 CExceptionBase class for all VSM exceptions
 CFile_processorProcessor for working with filesystem I/O
 CGeodetic_tupleCoordinates tuple for geodetic CS
 CHeading_actionChange the heading of a vehicle
 CHttp_parserThis class implements limited HTTP parser according to RFC7230 Supports:
 CInternal_error_exception_dummy_structSome unexpected internal error occurred
 CInvalid_op_exception_dummy_structIndicates that the operation is invalid in current state
 CInvalid_param_exception_dummy_structIndicates that some invalid parameter was passed to SDK API call
 CIo_bufferGeneric I/O buffer
 CIo_requestBase request for I/O operations
 CIo_streamAbstract I/O stream interface
 CLanding_actionLand at the specified position
 CLogClass for handling log output
 CMavlink_decoderDecodes Mavlink 1.0 messages from byte stream
 CMavlink_demuxerMavlink message demultiplexer based on message, system and component identifiers
 CMavlink_encoderEncoder capable of creating byte buffers based on Mavlink payload and identifiers
 CMavlink_streamConvenience class for interpreting an I/O stream as a stream of Mavlink messages
 CMove_actionMove vehicle to the specific position (waypoint)
 CNullptr_exception_dummy_structIndicates that some object is not longer exists while its service is invoked
 COperation_waiterClass for synchronizing with request execution
 CPanorama_actionPanorama action
 CParam_exceptionException class with one parameter
 CPayload_steering_actionSteer the vehicle payload
 CPeripheral_deviceBase interface for a peripheral device
 CPiped_request_waiterRequest waiter which uses a pipe to signal about request submissions
 CPoi_actionPoint of interest (POI) for a vehicle
 CPositionImmutable position in a specified coordinates system
 CPropertiesThis class represents persistent set of properties which can be stored and loaded in/from any stream
 CRead_requestBasic I/O read request
 CReference_guardReference guard objects keep references for managed objects
 CRepeat_servo_actionSet_servo action
 CRequest_containerGeneric container for queued requests
 CRequest_contextRequest execution context
 CRequest_temp_completion_contextTemporal request completion context
 CRequest_workerClass for convenient worker thread instantiation for processing requests in a set request containers
 CSerial_processorSerial ports I/O processor
 CSet_home_actionSet home position action
 CSet_servo_actionSet_servo action
 CShared_memoryPlatform independent implementation of system-wide named shared memory used for interprocess communications
 CShared_mutex_fileCross-platform named mutex
 CSingletonHelper class for implementing singletons
 CSocket_processorSocket processor
 CSystem_exception_dummy_structException for system call failure
 CTakeoff_actionTake off from the specified position and reach specified altitude
 CTaskAction plan for a single vehicle
 CTask_attributes_actionTask attributes action
 CText_stream_filterClass for convenient filtering of a text stream using regular expressions
 CTimer_processorTimer processor manages all timers in the VSM
 CVehicleBase class for user-defined vehicles
 CVehicle_commandInformation about a command for a vehicle
 CVehicle_requestBase class of a generic request for a vehicle
 CVehicle_request_specVehicle request with specific payload
 CVehicle_request_spec< void >Specialization of request without payload
 CWait_actionWait action
 CWgs84_datumDatum for WGS84 geodetic system
 CWindows_wstringHelper class for constructing Windows API compatible wchar strings from UTF-8 strings
 CWrite_requestBaser I/O write request